MOROCCAN SHEIKHAT & TRANCE w/ Lee Ali... Class Description

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Greetings Tribal Goddesses,

Here is a description of Moroccan Sheikhat ... and a link to comments from students who took the class last year...

Earthy and Hypnotic! Learn the rhythmic fundamentals of Moroccan dance including Sheikhat hip & footwork, Berber shimmies, and the “hair dancing” Moroccan women are known for. Plus 6/8 rhythm drills and music analysis to help you master that rolling Moroccan-style groove, an ancient blend of African and Arabic. We will explore TRANCE as a traditional form of “women’s therapy” and as a medium for emotional release through dance. Will clarify differences between Moroccan, Egyptian and American styles of dance. Educational handouts will be issued. Warning: eat lightly before class… we will do strong undulations, bellyrolls, and extensive head tossing! All levels welcome and encouraged:-)

LEE ALI is a specialist in Moroccan dance and folklore. With a Moroccan dancer mom and a Turkish drummer dad, Lee was born into the Middle Eastern performing community. She began as a child performer in the 1970’s, the golden era of “old style” belly dance. On stage, she’s delivered more than 2,000 performances in theater, festivals, cabaret and film. Lee has studied dance in Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Egypt. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study with her!

See You at TF8!
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